Insegnate di Bikram e Vinyasa

Fiona started yoga by accident chance in 2001, when a friend took her to her first Bikram class in North Carolina. “I had just returned from 4 years of travel and exploration, moved back in with my parents, and didn’t have a clue of what I wanted to do. I was completely lost. After taking my first Bikram class I finally felt a true peace of mind. I realized for the first time in my life, that whatever it was I had been looking for the entire time I was traveling, was really inside of me.” 

And so her passion for yoga began. She completed her first teacher training with Bikram in 2002 and immediately began teaching full time with the intention of opening a studio. This dream was finally realized when she met her husband in 2009, moved to Italy and opened Hot Yoga Bologna in 2012. 

Fiona was born in San Francisco but has also enjoyed living in North Carolina, Berlin, Australia, Hawaii and finally Bologna, her new home of 6 years. She is certified as well in Noah Maze’s 200 hour vinyasa teacher training.  

“One of the greatest pleasures ever is seeing my yoga student’s huge smiles after class, and knowing that by coming to Hot Yoga Bologna to practice, they start to really enjoy life. Yoga not only brings you a healthy body, but calms your mind and helps you enjoy the life that is front of you.”